Vadodara Gamer’s Consultancy(VGC)

Hello friends.

Remember the good old days when Gaming businesses like Gaming cafes were in a boom, entertaining wide communities of gamers, young and old.

Basically, a Gaming business used to provide exciting environment and advance computers and facilities for an hourly fee to a gamer. However, only entertainment couldn’t sustain a healthy balance. Soon, Gamers incurred huge financial loss to support their passion and many of them had to divert their time to create a financial support for themselves by deserting gaming (at least for short span of time).

This in-turn hurt gaming cafes as less customers walked in their premise, which affected their income. With loss of income on consistent basis, they were not able to keep their computers up-to-date and slowly lost their attraction.

Eventually with less attraction to Gaming Cafes and time limitation, now Gamers prefer to get engaged on modern and cheaper alternatives like Mobile Gaming.

Contemporarily, Gaming population has increased manifolds but lack an institution, and thus we look at VGC as a concrete solution. Vadodara Gamers’ Consultancy (V.G.C), is an establishment founded by dedicated gamers which mainly focuses on utilizing aspects of gaming for personal and financial development. Just like before, entertainment on mobile is not actually giving any value addition to Players. Hence, VGC resolves to change this fact by enabling Players to become Gamers and improve their financial aspect as they get involved in gaming. Hence, it says: Earn while you are having fun.

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• Attend our Free Seminars, held round the year in various cities in India.

• Show your skills to us to get rewarded.

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