Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Updated on 15thDecember 2018, 9:10pm (IST)

Website addresses are, www.cafeconsortiumcom

App Name: Cafe Consortium

To request a copy of the terms and conditions and privacy policy via email, please send your request to [email protected]

Cafe Consortium is a media company. Our mission is to make the Gaming Community happier and revive the troubling Computer Gaming industry.

The Cafe Consortium services that link to this Privacy Policy provide fun ways for you to create, share, and discover the best content in the gaming world.

When you use these services, you’ll share some information with us. We want to explain clearly what information we collect, why we collect it, how we use it, whom we share it with, and the controls we give you to access, update, and delete your information.

That’s why we’ve written this Privacy Policy. We tried to write it in simple language with minimal legalese so it’s easy for you to understand. If you have any questions about anything in our Privacy Policy, please contact us on [email protected]

Information We Collect

There are three basic categories of information we collect:

  • Information you choose to give us
  • Information we get when you use our services
  • Information we get from third parties

Here’s how we collect your information

How we collect information

Information you choose to give us

When you use and interact with our services, we collect the information you choose to share with us. For example, most of our services require you to set up a basic Cafe Consortium account, so we need to collect a few important details about you.

This information includes a unique screen name (similar to username), password, email address and your city (your street address is never collected automatically unless you type it in). Other optional information includes your preferences for Games, Gaming Cafes you visit, a paragraph about yourself and your Twitch username.

To make it easier for others to find you, we may also ask you to provide us additional information (such as your account picture) that will be publicly visible on our services. Wherever the information you enter is shared publicly, we will let you know on the same screen.

Our other services, as such commerce products, may also require you to provide us with a debit or credit card number.

You’ll also provide any information you send through our services, such as post and comments upload. Keep in mind that the posts and comments you upload can be seen publicly, and can always be saved and copied outside our services. Please do not share content you would not want someone to save or share.

Our App and website also allow you to chat with other players. The information you share in chat messages is visible to the other player and they may save or share this information.

Information we get when you use our services

When you use our services, we collect information about which services you use and how you use them. For example, we may know what section or post you are reading, when you’re reading it, and how you’re reading it (desktop, mobile browser, or mobile app). Here’s a more detailed explanation of the information we collect when you use our services:

Usage Information

We collect information about your activity through our services. For example:

  • How you interact with our services, such as what sections you look at, what you search for, what posts and comments you upload, or what posts and comments you upvote or downvote.
  • Content Information. We collect content you create on our services. For example:
  • The images, videos, and text you upload

We also collect information about the content you create. For example:

When you created the content

Where you created the content

  • How you created the content such as device information
  • We also collect information about how other users interact with your content. For example:
  • Post upvotes and downvotes
  • Comments and comment upvotes and downvotes

Device Information

We collect information from and about the devices you use. For example:

  • Information about your hardware and software, such as hardware model, operating system version, device memory, advertising identifiers, unique application identifiers, unique device identifiers, and language.
  • Information about your wireless and mobile network connections, such as your type of network connection.

Camera and Photos

  • Some of our services require us to collect images and other information from your devices’s camera and photos. For example, you won’t be able to upload images or videos from your camera roll unless we can access your camera or media library.

Location Information

  • When you use our services, we may collect information about your location. With your permission, we may also collect information about your precise location using methods that include GPS, wireless networks, and Wi-Fi access points.

Information Collected by Cookies and Other Technologies

  • We may use cookies and other technologies such as web beacons, web storage, and unique advertising identifiers to collect information about your activity, browser, and device. We may use these technologies to collect information when you interact with services we offer through one of our partners, such as advertising and commerce features. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. It is up to you to move or reject browser cookies through the settings on your browser or device. Removing or rejecting cookies may affect our service function and availability.

Log Information. We also collect log information when you use our services. For example:

  • Details about how you’ve used our services.
  • Device information, such as web browser type and language.
  • Access times.
  • Pages and content viewed.
  • IP address.
  • Identifiers associated with cookies or other technologies that may uniquely identify your device or browser.
  • Pages you visited before or after visiting our website or using our service.

Information we collect from third parties

We may collect information from our affiliates and third parties. For example:

  • If you visit any of the cafes with whom we have a relationship, they may provide us your identifiable data.
  • If you use your Google or Facebook account to sign up or sign in to our services, we may receive information so you can create or access your Cafe Consortium account.
  • If you interact with one of our advertisers, they may share information with us to help target or measure ad performance.
  • Your Cafe Consortium account allows you to chat with other users in real-time. For this we use Google’s Firebase service. Although we do not access this data explicitly, Cafe Consortium is involved in providing this service to you. Any messages or information that you share through chat messages may be accessed by us, Fibrebase, other users (with whom you chat).

How we use information

We use your information to provide you with the best products and services we can build and improve. Here’s what we use this information for:

  • To develop, maintain, improve, deliver, and protect our products and services.
  • Monitor and analyse trends and usages of our products and services.
  • Send you communications, including by e-mail. Examples include using e-mail to respond to support inquiries, or to share information about our products, services, and promotional offers that we think may interest you.
  • Personalize our services by showing you better and more relevant content.
  • Provide ad targeting and measurement, including the use of your precise location information to show relevant ads.
  • Enhance and enforce the safety and security of our products and services.
  • Verify your identity and prevent fraud, or other authorized and illegal activity.
  • Use information we’ve collected cookies and other data to enhance our services and products.
  • Enforce our Terms of Service, Community Rules, and other usage policies.

How we share information

We may share information about you in the following ways:

With other Cafe Consortium users. We may share information with other users. Examples include:

  • Information about you, such as your name, username, and profile pictures.
  • Information you upload, such as image or video posts.
  • Information about how you interacted with our services, such as the content you saved, the comments you post, and the content you upvote and downvote.
  • Information you shared through chat messages.

With all Cafe Consortium users, our business partners and the general public. Examples include:

  • Public information like your name, username, and profile pictures.
  • Content submissions and saved content set to be viewable by everyone.
  • Content from our services that you share on other services, such as Facebook or Pinterest.

With our affiliates and third parties. We may share information with the entities such as Gaming Cafes listed in our App or website.

With third parties for legal reasons. We may share information about you if we reasonably believe that disclosing the information is necessary. Examples include:

  • To comply with any valid legal process, governmental request, or applicable law, rule or regulation.
  • To investigate, enforce, or remedy potential Terms of Service violations
  • To protect the safety, rights, and property of Cafe Consortium, our users, or others.
  • To detect and resolve any fraud or security matters or concerns.

Third-Party Content and Integrations

Our services contain third-party links and search results, including gaming cafes, co-branded or third-party branded services. Through these links (addresses, phone number, event purchases, etc) you may be providing information, including personal information, directly to the third party, to us, or to both. You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for how those third parties collect or use your information.

Analytics and Advertising Services

Provided by others

We may let other companies use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies on our services. These companies may collect information about how you use our services over time, and combine it with similar information from other services and companies. This information may be used to analyze and track data, determine the popularity of certain content, and under your online activity, among other things.

Some companies, including our affiliates, may use information collected on our services to measure the performance of ads and deliver more relevant ads, including on third-party websites and apps.

Provided by us

We may collect information about your activity on third-party services that use cookies and other technologies provided by us. We use this information to improve your user experience with our services and to improve your advertising services, including measuring the performance of ads and showing you relevant ads. We may also display your profile data on our Featured Section, Games list, Cafes list and Event lists. This is with an intention to help and inspire other players by your achievements in gaming community.

How long we keep your information

  • We store your basic account information, including name, username and email until you ask us in writing to delete them.
  • We are constantly collecting and updating information about the other things you like or dislike, so we can provide you with more relevant data, more relevant ads, and a better user experience.
  • If you decide to stop using Cafe Consortium, you can ask us to delete your account by sending an email to [email protected]or sending us your query through ‘Contact Us’ section in the app or on our website.
  • The discussion posts, comments and chat messages are on our servers as long as you do not delete them or ask us to delete them for you.

There may be legal requirements to store your data and we may need to suspend those deletion practices if we receive valid legal process or request asking us to preserve that content, or if we receive reports of abuse or other Terms of Service Violations. We may also need to retain certain information in backup for a limited period of time, or as required by law.

User Data Deletion

  • You can delete your posts, comments and chat messages at any time through our App.
  • If you wish to delete your account, please get in touch with us via email on [email protected]