About Us

Cafe Consortium’s founder, Vishal S Gorana has immense interest in computer gaming. Since his childhood, when games like Dave, Lion King, Aladdin, Prince of Persia, Hercules and Claw were available on CD-ROMs, it was hard for anyone in his group to beat his scores. Some people call his immense interest for gaming an addiction, while some call it his passion. Over the years, Vishal mastered the art of playing and his natural ability to learn things at an extra-ordinarily quick pace.

Vishal always had a dream to take this industry forward by helping other fellow gamers. He took on the battle against the popular notion that Gaming and Gamers usually waste their time staring at a screen. With his dream to help players utilize their skills and interest in gaming for a sustainable career, he started his first Gaming Cafe – Vplay in 2012 in his own home in Vadodara, Gujarat.

At Vplay, he trained every player on how to play, master and enjoy the games of their interests while at the same time how to make a sustainable career out of their gaming passion.

Today, at Cafe Consortium, we are a group of gamers who have developed this app. We call it an ultimate gamers’ app. Our vision is to aid the gaming community in enhancing the network of connection between players and institutions. We have been working on this idea since 2012 and have made our own careers out of it.

After having several affiliations in gaming industry and other industries we are collectively making an effort via this app to reach every gamer globally and unlock the vast opportunities for gamers, including those who could not be known due to lack of fame and direction, to be able to continue their interest in gaming in to a sustainable career.

In our App, we aim to provide a platform to the gamers to join the community, share the ideas, make friends, get inspired and follow their passion.